III Congress of the Eurasian Assembly of Otorhinolaryngologists 25-27.05.2017 in Kyrgyzstan


          On May 25-27th, 2017 in Kyrgyzstan with the support of the Office of the President and the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan was held the III Congress of the Eurasian Assembly of Otorhinolaryngologists. The event was organized by the team of the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic of the National Hospital.

          Over 200 specialists took part in the Congress, including delegates from near and far abroad: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, India, Russia and Ukraine. The three-day program of the Congress was extremely rich and informative. The scientists of the participating countries presented reports on many nosologies, shared the results of clinical experience, a new approach to conducting surgical interventions, methods of diagnosis and treatment. Particular attention was paid to the work of young scientists.

          As a result of the work of the Congress, a Resolution was adopted, certificates and collections were presented. In general, the event was held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with a rich scientific and cultural program.

          The "Alpen Pharma Group" took an active part in holding this event and acted as one of the General sponsors of the Congress.

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